What is soft closing technique of cabinet hinge?


   Soft-closing function integrated on concealed hydraulic cabinet hinge plays an important role in closing process of the cupboard door, to help it closes gently, avoids making sounds. Thanks to the air tube damper attached to the hinge, the cupboard door will move slowly to avoid hit the edge of the cabinet when the door is closed.

   Extend the cabinet durability: Soft close cabinet hinge is an important accessory to adjust moving of cupboard door, prevents collision on kitchen cabinets when the cupboard is closed. Therefore, it will help to enhance durability for both cupboard door and hinges, increase the lifetime of the cabinet.

   IVAN’s concealed hydraulic cabinet hinge is integrated soft closing technique to help the cabinets can be closed gently. With compacted size, high load capability as well as high moisture resistance, IVAN’s concealed hydraulic cabinet hinge will make the kitchen cabinet perfectly in terms of quality and aesthetics.

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