Kim Gia Pham Joint Stock Company (abbreviated as KIGAPA) was established in 11th August, 2005. KIGAPA is the furniture ­fitting - architectural hardware supplier and distributor for IVAN and VICKINI brand.
We realize that: interior - architectural accessories are one of the indispensable products to create a comfortable, safe and happy life in your home. To choose the suitable door locks, accessories for the door or accessories for wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, ... of the house are not easy, because homeowners do not know what criteria and design style they have to rely on to choose accordingly. KIGAPA was founded from those valuable concerns and experiences.
KIGAPA offers a wide range of accessories: cabinet accessories, wood, metal and glass door fittings with more than 2000 types of products available in stock to ensure a stable supply for customers.


We always operate with the vision: becoming a reputable brand and a pioneer organization in Vietnam, sharing values and culture of interior and architectural accessories. 
We always strive with the mission: providing quality and safe products which based on the operating philosophy of the furnishing accessories industry - sustainable in association, gently in motion - to all individuals and businesses across the country.


• Honesty
• Perseverance
• Meticulousness
• Responsibility



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Available items in stock

Available items in stock
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In 2015, IVAN was honored with “Golden brand –Logo and impressive Slogan”. In the same year, VICKINI achieved the award "Top 10 famous brands in Vietnam".


  • Golden Brand 2015

    Golden Brand 2015

  • Top 10 Famous Brands 2015

    Top 10 Famous Brands 2015