What is a cabinet door overlay?

The overlay of cabinet Doors/drawer fronts refers to the construction and fit of your cabinet doors in relation to the cabinet frame. The three main cabinet door types include as follows.

Partial overlay doors:  the cabinet door is engineered to partially cover the cabinet face’s frames, leaving 1/2 of the front frames exposed around the doors/drawers. These types can also provide a traditional feel to the cabinets.
Full overlay doors: the cabinet door overlays fully the cabinet door to minimize the exposed framework between each cabinet unit, creating one, seamless profile. That’s ideal for contemporary/minimalist styles.
Inset cabinet doors: In this case, the cabinet doors/ drawer fronts sit flush to the frame and completely expose the face of the cabinet Instead of resting in front of the cabinet frame. This design works well with traditional cabinet styles.

This overlay of cabinet door/drawer front affects the appearance of your space from traditional to a contemporary-style kitchen. Having a cabinet door type in mind will help guide other decisions about cabinet styles  and what hardware to use. The cabinet hinges such as overlay hinges, half-overlay hinges or inserted hinges are produced according to the overlay, half-overlay or inset cabinet doors/drawer fronts.

You can also consider using knobs and pulls together for a cabinet design style which is created by the overlay of cabinet doors. For example, the Modern pull handles come in the T-bar style, flat fronted style or simple designs are the best choice for the Full overlay cabinet doors. While the Pull handles or knobs with small details, A dark brass color tends to bring together the traditional appearance to Partial overlay and Inset cabinet doors. 

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