Components of cabinet drawer

   A drawer is a compartment for personal belongings, documents, ... installed in many types of cabinets in the house or in the office.
   Cabinet drawers are usually made of natural wood, industrial wood, aluminium... Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Natural wooden drawers are luxurious, durable, but expensive and easily warped. Industrial wooden drawers have good surface, cheap price, but easy to absorb water and peeling. Aluminium drawers are cheap, easy to install, but lack of aesthetics and sound insulation.
Components of the cabinet drawer include: 
Frame: The frame is produced first before making any furniture, which supports and connects the other parts of the cabinet with the accessories.
Cabinet drawer: is made from assembling wooden panels together, including front panel, back panel, 2 side panels and bottom. With the support of accessories, users easily pull to open drawers.
Accessories: including drawer slides – create smooth motion for drawers, handle and cabinet lock. 

   Cabinet drawers usually have a depth dimension of 300mm / 350mm / 400mm / 450mm / 500mm to 600mm; the width of the drawers from 300mm to 1000mm and the height from 120mm to 300mm. Depending on using purpose and installing location, the dimension of drawer will be different.

  With the support drawer slides, drawers will be open / close smoothly. Today there are many types of slide such as side-mount slides, under-mount slides. Side-mount slides are installed in the drawer sides and the under-mount slides are installed in the bottom of the drawers. Therefore, the selected slide rail must match the dimension and load-bearing of drawers. The factor that determines the quality of slides is its load-bearing capacity. Installing drawer slides with unsuitable load-bearing will make drawer hard to open/close or causing sagged. Therefore, you must choose the slides base on the dimension and load-bearing of drawer. The slides usually withstand loads from 20 kg to 60 kg, including the weight of drawers and utensils inside. Common length of slides: 250mm / 300mm / 350mm / 400mm / 450mm / 500 mm.

  To choose the length of the slides, you should base on the inner depth of the drawer with the formula as follows:

Length of slides = the inner depth of drawer – 50 mm

   Cabinet drawer slides are an indispensable accessory when produce and complete the cabinets. Therefore, it is necessary to choose suitable slides to make sure the operation the drawer.
With the above information, IVAN hope you will choose the most suitable drawer slides for your cabinets. IVAN now offers a variety of drawer slides such as side-mount slides, under-mount slides, soft-close slides... for a variety of cabinet dimension. Made from high-strength steel, IVAN slides will bring satisfaction to users in term of certainty and safety.

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