Common Types of Cabinet Locks Nowadays

Most cabinets have a lock which is important to secure the items stored. These locks come in different types and shapes matching every cabinet’s requirements such as one door cabinet, 2 doors cabinet, a drawer, or 3 drawers cabinet. 

The common types of cabinet locks nowadays are described below:

·     Deadbolt Lock: is installed in a single cabinet drawer and door. The locking mechanism revolves around a cylinder that runs directly through your door and has a keyhole on the outside. The strike plate, which is mounted in the door frame, helps keep the bolt secure. When the key is entered and turned, a bolt inside the cylinder moves sideways and protrudes into the door frame, locking the door.
·     Cam Lock: made up of a cylindrical base that has a keyhole and a metal piece known as the cam that sits perpendicularly at the end of the base. When the key is inserted into the keyhole and turns, it turns the cam up or down to mount to a strike plate that’s attached to the frame of the door. This lock is a common type with the cheapest price. Cam lock is typically used to secure a single cabinet.
·     Side Mounted Multi Drawer Lock: installed in 3-Drawer cabinet. When the key is entered and turned, a locking bar which is installed in the side frame of the cabinet will move up or down to lock all drawers at the same time. These can work as a replacement lock for individual drawers.
·     Double door lock: This lock is used for Double door cabinet. You can lock two cabinet doors with one turn of the key. The lock is installed on one door, and the strike plate is mounted on the other door. The tube with brackets and hook on it is connected to the lock. When the key is turned, the hook will be mounted to the holding parts in the cabinet frame.

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