Kim Gia Pham team building - 15 years in giving value

 On October 03 – 04, 2020, Team building program “KIGAPA – 15 years in giving value” of Kim Gia Pham JSC. (Abbreviated as KIGAPA) was successfully held at Anoasis Resort, Long Hai Town, Long Dien District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Team building program of KIGAPA had many physical and mental challenges to cement the solidarity of members. It’s also bring relaxing moment to all members after the working days. 
Take the first step to Anoasis Resort, all members of KIGAPA family were divided into 4 groups and participated in games such as tug-of-war, balloon pop, passing the flour, ball game with ropes, to enhance team-bonding. All members showed the solidarity and the spirit “work hard, play hard” of the company. It is also an internal cultural value that KIGAPA has built and continuously been developing.

Dinner Party with the impressive performances and games was the highlight of the program. All departments of KIGAPA prepared special performances, such as singing, rapping, dancing and parodying to celebrate the company's 15th birthday. Besides, the Contest "KIGAPA's top model" brought a lot of laughter and beautiful memories to everybody. Especially, the lucky draw attracted the excitement of all members.

Team building is also an opportunity for the Board of Directors and all employees to look back on the 15-year development path. Representative of the Board of Directors, Mr. Pham Van Hiep - Deputy General Director of the company said: “Starting from a small accessory store, but now, we have built reputation and position in furniture fittings and architectural accessories with 2 own brands: IVAN and VICKINI. The Board of Directors sincerely expresses gratitude to all employees, who have been devoted and accompanied by the company over the years. I hope we will continuously stay together in the future. The motto "Giving values in furniture and architecture industry" will continue to be the guideline and the driving force to fulfill our commitment, to bring high quality products to customers and partners, to make the next brighter milestone.

Team building "KIGAPA – 15 years in giving value” program brings new experiences, memorable moments and unforgettable emotions to all members of the company. The program has also strengthened KIGAPA’s solidarity to continue creating sustainable values in the furniture fittings and architectural hardware industry.
Scroll down to see more impressive pictures of KIGAPA’s team building program.


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