What is the 32mm European cabinetmaking system?

  The 32 mm cabinetmaking system is a European furniture construction and manufacturing standard, used to build cabinets quickly based on a metric standard of drilling holes on the cabinet. Since, the furniture fittings have also been standardized in dimension, allow them to be installed or replaced quickly and easily.

Principle of 32 mm cabinetmaking system:

  •       Hole-center distance from hole line to front edge of side: 37 mm
  •       Hole-center distance in vertical hole lines: 32mm or the multiple of 32
  •       Hole diameter: 5 mm

   While the 32 mm cabinetmaking system is widely used in furniture production globally, in Vietnam, this system is not yet commonly known and applied. Many carpenters produce cabinet and install furniture fittings based on estimating.
 IVAN’s furniture fittings proudly applied the 32 mm European cabinetmaking system to bring convenience to carpenters in production, especially in the production of modular cabinet. The distance between screw holes on the cabinet hinges, drawer slides, flap fittings is 32mm or 64mm, 96mm for the cabinet handles.

Our products will help carpenters saving time and money in preparation, production and assembly cabinet. For users, you can easily replace new fittings without drilling new holes affecting the aesthetics of the cabinet.
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