About us


KIGAPA JSC was equitized from IVAN Co., Ltd that was established in 08/2006. It is a supplier, distributor and official consultant for furniture fitting and architectural hardware of both IVAN and VICKINI brand.

After more than a decade of operation and development, KIGAPA has become a leading provider of Vietnam with more than 5,000 product categories, distributing more than 200 agents, covering over 50 provinces and cities. In parallel with that,  more than 2500 items ready on hand, ensure that supplies are also stable and fast.

All IVAN and VICKINI products really gain the confidence of customers and investor with three carriers:

  • Wooden and Kitchen Accessories
  • Door Accessories and Door Locks
  • Glass and Aluminium Accessories

In 2015, IVAN was honored with the ”Golden Brand- Logo and Slogan Impressive” award. In that year, VICKINI was win “Top 10 Famous Trademark of Vietnam” award again.

KIGAPA constantly innovates, develops and enhances product quality, constantly offering solutions that not only bring safety and functionality but also bring comfort and modernity in terms of aesthetic value and European quality standards.

KIGAPA is strongly confirmed the valuable reputation in domestic and foreign market. Let us elevate the value of your house!